Red Wine for HomePageRed Wine

Red wine is made from the juice of grapes that are normally purple to dark red in colour. Enjoyed everywhere around the world, a glass of red wine goes well with any red meat!

White Wine for Homepage White Wine

For a cooler change, white wine offers wine enthusiasts a cooler, refreshing change. Enjoy a glass of white wine with your favourite seafood recipe!

Australian WineAustralian Wines

G'day, mates! Even though Aussies love their beer, they also produce some of the finest wines around. It's the fourth largest exporter of wines, and now exports more wine to the UK than France!

French Wine for HomepageFrench Wines

Bonjour, mes amies! Voulez-vous une verre du vin? When it comes to the best quality wines, many wine enthusiasts will say that French wines are the best in the world. While this may be debateable, the quality of French wines cannot be denied!

Italian WinesItalian Wines

Italy is a country that has some of the oldest wine producing regions in the world. The popularity of Italian wine with Italian cooking cannot be denied. The rate of wine consumption is a staggering 70 litres per person per year!

Spanish WinesSpanish Wines

Ola, amigos! Wine has existed in Spain since 1000 BC and is the country with the most planted vineyards in the world. Today, the Spanish wine industry has grown to become the 3rd largest in the world, behind only Italy and France. Its specialty is a sparkling wine called Cava, and of course, Sherry!

California WinesCalifornia Wines

Cowabunga, dudes! Even though the U.S. is a realtive newcomer in wine producing, some great wines have come out of California, where 90% of U.S. wine is made. Not only is the wine great, but it can successfully compete with some of the best from France. Famous wine-producing areas include the Napa Valley.

German WineGerman Wines

Despite being the premier country for beer (think Oktoberfest!), German wine production has a history going back to the Roman era. Although German wine has a mixed reputation, some consumers rate it as one of the best white wine producers in the world!

Sparkling WineSparkling Wines

Champagne is the best-known sparkling wine, but not all sparkling wines are champagne. Even though both are made using similar methods, do not call any sparkling wine champagne unless it was made in the right region of France!

Port WinePort

Ahhh, Port. There's nothing better than a delicious and sweet glass of Port after dinner with some fine cheese and a nice cigar. Port wine is a fortified wine made in Portugal and has a long and distinguished history that sets it apart from all other wines.

buying wine onlineBuy Wine Online

Today, the ability to buy wines from all over the world is made so much easier because of the Internet. By purchasing your wine online, you can normally save a LOT of money, which means you can buy even more of your favourite wine!

wine caloriesWine Calories

Even though more people today are watching their weight by counting calories, wine enthusiasts need not necessarily give up their favourite wine. Even though there are calories in all wines, there may be certain health benefits to enjoying your favourite wine in moderation!

Homemade wineHow to Make Homemade Wine

Even though there are thousands of great wines around the world, many people try their hand at making a great wine in the comfort of their own home. For those who want to give it a try, it's not easy, but the reward for your hard effort will be the satisfaction that comes from creating your own unique and tasty vintage!

Wine tastingWine Tasting

Believe it or not, wine tasting involves a lot more than simply drinking it. There is a whole process that has been refined over the last few centuries. When done properly, wine tasting can be a very enjoyable experience, especially when enjoyed with a few of your friends!

wine accessories Wine Accessories

Ok, so you've got the perfect bottle of wine, but what about all the accessories you're going to need? If you are serious about your wine, or just like to have the occasional glass of wine around the home, you're going to need a few accessories to with it to make your wine experience more enjoyable!


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